In New York

In New York

Sunday, 8 June 2014


So you know that Roch and I support a change in the law for Assisted Dying.  I refer you to my blog post (21/01/14) written on the occasion of the death of the beloved but fictional Hayley Cropper of Coronation Street. 
Roch was featured in an interview around that time in the Independent and I included a link to that article in my post at that time.

Recently, Dignity in Dying asked us if we would lend our assistance to the making of a YouTube video designed to raise public awareness and support the campaign for a change in the law. We agreed to help.

Roch and I believe that adults who are terminally ill should be able to choose the manner and time of their death. I speak of those who are of sound mind and able to make that informed choice. They should be permitted to have real conversations with their health professionals about end of life issues. I believe that this  would provide enormous comfort to those who are facing death. 
Public support is growing for a change in the law and my own view is that a lot of the opposition is based on fears that have no basis in the reality of the proposed changes and an ignorance of the safeguards which would be put in place. 

If you're not sure and want to learn more please visit the Dignity in Dying website here:

If you do, you will see a familiar face on their home page.

Roch is in no hurry to die. For me the thought of being without him is to imagine a future that is almost too bleak to contemplate. I try not to think about 'afterwards'. 
We have been married for 24 years and together for longer. You think I want him to die? 

I don't want to lose him but I don't want to see him clinging to what for him I know would be an intolerable existence, unable to move, speak, eat or drink, able to communicate only by blinking, connected to an artificial breathing machine.  For those  who choose this path, I absolutely respect that choice. Everyone is different. This is about making sure everyone has the right to choose. 

Such an existence is not what Roch wants.   But under the current law he doesn't have a choice. 

The YouTube video and link to Roch's story have been posted on Facebook and twitter but for those of you who haven't seen them, you can watch and listen by going to the Dignity in Dying website or tuning in on YouTube.

YouTube Roch's story - #untiltheend

You can find out more at

Please do watch and take the time to register your vote. Ask our politicians to change the law.

It's unlikely that a change will come in time for Roch, but wouldn't you like to have a choice, when you face your own death? I know I would.