In New York

In New York

Friday, 3 September 2010

Happy Anniversary to us!

It may be of interest to note here that it was our 20th Wedding Anniversary on Tuesday. We celebrated in style! Roch had booked a room in a very posh Mayfair hotel. As the room wasn't ready when he arrived, they bumped us up to a deluxe suite! What luxury. We ate out at Langans in Stratton Street and had a scrumptious meal. Our fellow diners just oozed wealth - I mean, you could smell the money folks! We had a great time pretending we were used to the highlife. Actually I could get used to it only too easily. However, the highlight of the evening for Roch came as we prepared to leave and he realised he had been sitting with his back to George Graham's table. I was severely admonished for failing to recognise such an exalted personage (the closest I got was remarking that there was a guy at the next table who reminded me of Jacques Chirac, balding and rather 'weaselly' looking - turned out to be George). Now if it had been Arsene Wenger, I think Roch would have taken him back to the hotel instead of me...Anyway, lucky for me Arsene didn't show so it was back to the hotel for a nightcap (later, minus an arm and a leg, we retired to our suite.)
Just thinking, two years ago we were planning our first trip to New York and we didn't know about the MND although we realise now it was already affecting him. A year ago, we were looking forward to taking the kids to New York and he was walking with a stick, now he walks with two sticks and we are preparing for the wheelchair. You know, that's not as bad as we were expecting. It's true, in a way it's a merciful disease, because you do have a chance to get used to the changes. Well, we are being given that chance. I do appreciate that not every case is the same and some people don't get much chance to get used to one change before the next is upon them. It's not easy, but believe it or not, it could be worse.

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