In New York

In New York

Saturday, 28 May 2011

A man will do anything for a few beers

A coincidence or what? He hasn't fallen since March, this Thursday I go on a workshop for carers because of that fall, and yesterday he falls again. But I wasn't there! I had left early for work and it happened as he was getting into the car, to drive to work himself. He says that he put his left foot into the car and the right knee folded so that he crumpled to the ground. Of course he couldn't get up by himself. So there he was, sitting beside the car, roadside. Our street is very quiet, thank goodness. A fellow motorist stopped and with Roch holding onto the car door frame and the passing samaritan lifting him up, he managed to stand. Then a neighbour came out and with the rollator, helped him back into the house. He didn't go into work. Spent the morning processing what had happened. It shook him. His right knee is his weak knee. He really needs a knee replacement operation but we made a decision not to get that done, as the recovery time might have meant he literally wouldn't walk again so we took a chance. Maybe that knee is going now.
I didn't hear about it until I called at lunchtime, really to check with Tom as he had had a physics exam that morning. I was taken aback when Roch answered the phone as I wasn't expecting him to be home.
It's not as if it's a surprise. It's a risk he's taking, an informed choice. He is going to fall. If it's not the bad knee, it's the MND. He's been lucky so far, no injuries.
It was a bad day for him. I think it led to much reflection on what is ahead for him. Restricted freedom, obviously. More dependency. Trapped.
But here's the thing -today he and Tom went round to the corner shop together. First time Roch's made that trip in the wheelchair. We've worked out that it's about six months since he's been round to the corner shop. Such a simple thing - how many times a week do you go round to your corner shop? I came home from an early shift at 4.15 today and was so shattered I made straight for my bed! Didn't intend to sleep for long - just a nap. Slept solid for two hours. In the meantime a plan was made to procure some beer. He didn't want to disturb me, and Tom can't buy it himself. But a man will do anything to get his beer. Even get into a wheelchair. So out came the wheelchair and off they went! Tom is an excellent driver and had an added incentive as permission was given for him to go off to a party with two cans.
Of course it's not the same as strolling round the corner yourself for a few cans but for Roch it was a massive thing. Another challenge met and plenty of cold beer at the end of it.

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  1. Well guess what ? Jude has a dud right knee as well. We also made the decision not to have it operated on. Like you, we based our choice on recuperation time, pain of the operation & rehabilitation. Also we talked to several of our friends who had had the op & the benefits of it have been very mixed. It makes life tough for her as she can no longer get around without a walker, but at least she is still mobile. Good on ya Roch for getting your own beer.. A man must have ale to function properly. Jude has a power wheel chair, but lacks the confidence to be out & about on her own, she just comes for a walk with me & the little dog some times..