In New York

In New York

Sunday, 4 December 2011

The 50th Birthday

I couldn't leave the blog today without officially recording our family celebration last Sunday. Roch was 50! Kate came home to be with us and we went out to a gorgeous local pub for a delicious meal. The pub has excellent access and a disabled toilet and the staff are friendly and helpful. We were joined by Kate's boyfriend Simon and there was a lovely Christmassy feel to it all. It got me in the mood for party planning.

Looking rather surprised!

Lovely shot of us just below the toilet sign!

Roch ordered pig's ears as a starter but we all agreed that this was a mistake. I don't know whether the chef had made a pig's ear of it (haha) or whether they were meant to be like that - but none of us like them! The rest of the meal was mouthwatering and I never saw a sticky toffee pudding consumed with such appreciation before (Kate). Definitely to be recommended.

The day had started with pancakes and maple syrup, and ended with Birthday cake - with a huge meal in between. That's my kind of day...

Happy Birthday Roch!

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