In New York

In New York

Tuesday, 23 October 2012

Roch 'n roll

It's been a bit of a mixed bag lately. On the plus side, we've been getting out more. A successful trip to the cinema in Kingston to see 'Looper' means, I think, that we can look forward to many more. Now that I am working fewer shifts, we can schedule our trips for weekday showings, when it's less busy. Roch has been making a big effort to get out. It's not easy, he's lost a lot of confidence. I was touched by a remark I overheard him make to a friend - he said 'Deirdre's courage gets me out.' I was proud to hear him say that - and it does take courage to get out, but it's so much harder for the guy in the wheelchair. He's making a great effort to get himself out to watch Brentford FC play - he's building up to the Emirates!

Ironically, just as Roch steels himself to face his fears and get out more, something changes. For a while now, it's been difficult for him to stand up from the toilet without someone helping - just one person helping has been fine and I have always been able to assist. But the weekend before last, we had a problem. I couldn't do it alone. It was okay over that weekend, because Tom was at home, so between the two of us, we managed, but what were we to do on Monday? Roch's solution was not to eat anything all morning - well, that clearly wasn't going to work on a long term basis, so we called Shelley, our OT from Richmond on Monday morning and she came out to see us on Monday afternoon. Imagine our relief when she listened to our sorry tale and then simply told us "What you need is a standing hoist." I never thought I'd be happy to hear those words. She had it all organised within two days and we now have another piece of equipment - but what a piece of kit. It has become my new best friend. Me and the Hoist. BFF. Introducing - the Oxford Journey....

Oxford Journey, The compact portable folding Stand Aid

--> The Oxford Journey is a fantastic standing aid and is an essential tool for those who depend on a hoist for their sitting and standing needs.
This new hoist incorporates the latest design technologies to make this one of the most compact and portable, folding stand aids in the market today. It is easy to store and transport as well as maneuver and has an SWL of 24 stone.

Speaking of journeys, we actually made it to a gig on a Saturday night a couple of weeks ago, at the Six Bells in Brentford - despite horrendous service from Com cabs we got there at last (Brentford County Massive waited for us to arrive - thanks guys x) and the return journey wasn't much better. Roch, sitting outside the pub at midnight calling them on his mobile - 'Where the hell is our cab? You said they were five minutes away..!' You get the picture. We got home eventually, but it was a dismal service. However, it didn't spoil our night.

Brentford County Massive groupies Carolyn and Devorah with me in the middle!

 Rob rocks it up


  1. Hello Deirdre
    I'm glad to see that you are getting a standing hoist; I have been fighting to get one for 2 years. I have just written a letter of complaint to the head of services in Croydon with regards to my treatment (more like 'lack of it') and uncaring attitude from the OT team. It's good to see that some of us are treated well.

    1. Pauline that's awful I can't believ you've been waiting so long. Can the MND Ass help?