In New York

In New York

Saturday, 19 June 2010

Here we go, here we go...

Isn't the World Cup a great thing? Such a distraction. I think even Thierry Henry heard the roar of jubilation in this house when Mexico scored that first goal. What goes around, comes around M. Henry. Mexico, I salute you for the joy you brought to us all, but especially to my Tom. Now, will France go out? Fingers crossed. We're not bitter...

Well, Roch and I are off again to the Houses of Parliament on Monday, to assist the MND Association's campaign for a National Strategy for MND. I believe Chris Woodhead will be handing in the Petition at Number 10 and afterwards, we meet at a Reception at the House of Commons. They are hoping for a good turnout of MPs and we are all expected to do our bit at lobbying for the cause. We're looking forward to it. You may remember that Roch gave evidence before the Joint Party Committee in February (did I mention this?) and we went back for the publication of the Report in March. I'll let you know how it goes on Monday.

In other news...plans for the house continue and next step is choosing a kitchen! The work will be done in stages and the first stage will be the installation of the new kitchen. For those of you familiar with the house, the kitchen will be in the back room. Once the new kitchen is in, the old kitchen will be ripped out and the wet room will take its place. We had Builder Andy here on Wednesday, and there was the usual head shaking and tut tutting as he took note of the re-wiring that would have to be done, the radiators that need to be moved etc. The biggest regret for me will be the loss of our lovely original, restored floorboards in the sitting room (not to mention my carefully chosen tiles in front of the fireplace). I suppose that's shallow - but I do sigh. We have three different floor levels downstairs and to raise the floor in the sitting room (without having to take out a second mortgage, that is) they will have to put laminate down over my original restored...we've been there. Never mind. Has to be done.

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