In New York

In New York

Tuesday, 15 June 2010

A year tomorrow

So tomorrow is 16th June. A full year since Professor Kaplan gave us the news. I remember sitting in a narrow hallway outside his room. I stared at a sign on the opposite wall which said
'Apologies for the inconvenience caused by the refurburbishment' (sic) and watched another couple nearby who looked just as small and scared as I felt. I think Roch and I both knew it wasn't going to be good news but we were stunned anyway. It was a really hot day and afterwards we went for lunch in Twickenham. Both of us cried a bit. And now a year later, we've had a good year, like I said in my last post. Maybe what we're feeling is the knowledge that each year now will be not quite so good as the one before. And I keep telling myself that I need to live in the moment and I know it's true, but somehow I'm finding it more difficult than ever.

I went round to the corner shop yesterday and the lovely guy there asked me how my husband was. He said he hadn't seen him for a long time. I suddenly thought - is that too far for him to walk now? I realised I hadn't noticed him going round there lately. Maybe it is too far. Although on Sunday we went to Twickenham and had a stroll around. He did say it would have been easier with the hated rollator, which is in the Berlingo now, but seldom used.

There is one thing that is guaranteed to cheer me up. Guess what it is? Today I drove round the corner of our road and the first person I saw was Roch. I immediately felt better, lighter. He can drive me crazy sometimes, but no-one is there for me like him. He's my man.

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  1. I know how Roch feels about the rollator, I actually felt less conspicuous in a wheelchair so the rollator was mainly used indoors with public outings kept to essential use only. But DON'T take risks. I used sticks for too long. One evening I scuffed my toe while crossing a road in London. You just can't react quickly enough. I fell flat on my face, smashed both front teeth and needed stitches in my lip. My eye was also badly cut. The ambulance paramedic was cute, but on balance I really wouldn't recommend it.