In New York

In New York

Thursday, 4 November 2010

Good news and good friends

When will there be good news? This is the name of a Kate Atkinson novel, and whenever my eye falls on the title in a bookshop, I have to admit, it does resonate with me. It is a question which has presented itself a number of times over recent months. So now I can tell you that there is good news - the MND Association have agreed a grant to us of £2,000 towards the works in the house! This comes from the local branch, so come July - you better be ready to sponsor me on that walk again!!!

Also today, more good news as I realise how lucky I am in my friends - how many friends good and true I have and how much support there is for me. How nice it was to call work re: sending of sick certificate and realise, to my genuine surprise and pleasure that I am missed and that there are people who would willingly come to the house armed with mops, buckets and dusters and be my 'Molly Maids' for the day! I can't pass up an offer like that.

I surprised myself today by asking my lovely neighbour Michelle to help me clear the books and dvds away in preparation for the painting. I don't know why it should feel so difficult! It is completely in my head. It's that Superwoman thing again. I try to do everything myself and then pretend to be surprised when I collapse. Now I'm really pleased I asked, she will help me and promises to bring cake!

(Note to self - learn to ask for help and accept help when offered, people may surprise you and bring cake).

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