In New York

In New York

Monday, 29 August 2011

Wash 'n Go - or is that 'Go' and wash?

It surprises me that I have failed to mention the installation of the bio-bidet! This long awaited and much anticipated piece of equipment had been residing in a box in a cupboard upstairs for some months. It was originally supplied by the Local Authority, through our dedicated and professional Occupational Therapist, Rachel, who has graced these pages before. Tony and his boys made sure all the plumbing and electrical connections were in place and would have done the installation work but the Local Authority wanted their own survey carried out first, and their own people to instal it. That's understandable but the monkey waits for no man. We're just lucky its progress is slow in Roch's case because we had to wait months for the survey, after which, it was a couple of weeks before their man arrived to instal the thing. By this time we had forgotten a) that the bio bidet had been put out of the way and b) where we had put it! Roch couldn't go upstairs to look, so had to send a complete stranger to look for it. Happily when he called me in work, a moments' recollection was enough for me to direct them to where I had stashed it away. But for a split second my mind went blank and I was afraid we would have to send the guy away again.

The problem which the bio bidet seeks to address, of course, is the worrisome question of cleaning and wiping one's arse when there is no longer enough strength in the hands and fingers. Roch worried about this from the word 'go', and we talked about it in the early days with the Community Matron and the Hospice nurse. Short term solutions were suggested and I think he felt quite encouraged and comforted. Our stay in Somerset and the use of a 'Clos-O-mat' toilet there last year impressed us with the efficient 'wash 'n dry' function, but the'Clos-O-mat' costs a lot of money. We could have used our grant from the MND Association for it, but it would have accounted for all the money and we couldn't justify that when there were so many other expenses. Instead, the lovely Rachel suggested a bio bidet, which the Local Authority agreed to pay for as essential equipment for Roch. I'm told they are very popular in Japan. You can have a look at it here:

The report from Roch: Not only is his bum washed, it's also polished!

If you visit, you are welcome to use it and test the functions. Ladies, remember, there's even a feminine wash...

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  1. If the Japanese like it, that says volumes. The price looks reasonable, so it is not only for the affluent, but also for the effluent.

    This seems like the ideal weapon for Kirk to get rid of Klingons.

    You know you like the new gadget when you break out in song while using it. Such as:

    And for those stubborn occasions:

    L. di California