In New York

In New York

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

From my notes

I have notebooks scattered about the house, upstairs, downstairs, in my handbags. Scraps of poetry, ideas for stories, blog entries. Here are some of the recent blog scribblings.  

Blog entry 27th May 2012

What gorgeous weather! Barbecue weather. I think I’ve got the hang of it now. I aim to be the Barbecue Queen, proving that it is not a male preserve. I know Roch would have loved to have been King of the Barbecue but he never had the chance. We invested in a barbecue last year but only managed a couple of uses ‘before the rains came‘ last year. He might not be able to cook the food, but he sure can assist with armchair advice. He can get outside to our garden table using the rollator and finds it easier to sit on this than on a garden chair as he can no longer stand up from a seated position on one of these. Anyway, the garden door open outwards but we need two minor jobs done before the electric wheelchair can make it outside. The ‘lip’ at the threshold needs to go and part of the outer windowsill, too, so that the door can open right back, leaving more space on the ramp for the chair to turn.

This past weekend was the most enjoyable in ages! We had visitors again. This time it was Louis, Roch’s best friend from Primary School (they met when they were four years old) and Joe, his best friend from University (Best Man at our wedding and Kate’s godfather). So relaxing to spend time with them and in such glorious weather. The barbecue came into its own. It felt like a little holiday, eating and drinking al fresco and hearing talk of old times! Roch was in his element. All the old stories got an airing (and some new ones I hadn’t heard before..)

Saturday night was spent with Louis and Joe watching the Eurovision Song Contest. Always good for a laugh. The Contest, I mean. Although both Louis and Joe provide their own brands of very special humour! A good time was had by all.

Roch, Louis and Joe enjoy the sunshine.

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