In New York

In New York

Wednesday, 29 August 2012

A bracelet of days

I picked up a 'poetry postcard' in the Dingle Bookshop.  Written by a Dingle poet, it feels like it was written for me.

A bracelet of days

I am making a bracelet of days
or bits of days
to take out in the half light
and know those other times were real.

The first stone threaded on is blue:
A dusky drive
through low flat fields,
that held the promise of home.

The second one is the gold
of candlelight in a night-time
chapel where four musicians

The third is clear as water:
Words plucked
from a poet's mouth
to flow into my ear.

I am making a bracelet of days,
moments stolen, frozen,
threaded into a talisman
to scare away those half-light days.

Emer Fallon 2007

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