In New York

In New York

Tuesday, 3 September 2013

A Change in Personnel

We were sorry to have to say goodbye to one of Roch’s PAs, Christian.  This is due in part to Roch’s increasing medical needs and in part to Christian’s ill health earlier this summer, which meant we had to seek a substitute perhaps sooner than anticipated. Having Christian on Roch’s team for the past year (yes, it is a year now) has meant that I have been able to continue to work part time and his punctuality, reliability – not to mention his availability at short notice – has given me extra free time and Roch companionship and help on numerous occasions. Christian stays in our lives as our dear friend and neighbour. We will always be grateful for his cheering and positive presence.
It was during my trip to Venice when Christian first became ill. At that time, Roch’s brothers were here to help in my absence but we were fortunate that by the time they returned to Dublin, the wonderful Mandy Garnett had come to our rescue. It was Mandy who brought Jenny into our lives.

Jenny is Roch’s new PA and I regard her as a Gift from God. No, Jenny, I will not spare your blushes. It’s not just that she is a nurse so that at one stroke all concern about dealing with medical needs disappears…or that she is capable, young, strong, learns fast…or that she is an excellent companion for Roch (she doesn’t take any nonsense), down to earth about the practical stuff and also sensitive to his feelings…or that she has a sense of humour and a sunny nature…or that she insists on going the extra mile to help me out with shopping, cooking, putting out the recycling, bringing in the washing…seeing to little tasks while I am at work. No, it’s because in an amazingly short space of time, Jenny has become part of our family. For the kids, she’s like a big sister, for me, an understanding friend. I know what you’re thinking. Nobody is that perfect. Well, maybe Jenny’s not perfect (I’ll let you know) but the important thing is, she is perfect for us.

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