In New York

In New York

Tuesday, 30 March 2010

The Job

Roch's still working full time. I really admire him for his determination but his job is even more demanding and time-consuming than before. You see, he is so good at his job that I think it is incredibly difficult for him to contemplate any kind of delegation. He feels he does it best and that's probably true. So, so hard for him to contemplate watching other people take over tasks he knows he could do better. But there seems to be so much for him to do and it is so tiring for him and it takes so much out of him, so that when he comes home, he's knackered. He will have to pull back at some point. He just doesn't want to give in yet. The plan is to work at home on Wednesdays - I'm just hoping that doesn't mean cramming too much into the other four working days. But he shouldn't have to be thinking about this. He shouldn't have to be pulling back. None of it should be happening to him. He's in the prime of his working life. So I can see his reluctance to make concessions to the monkey.

Anyway, he knows what I think, I've played the nagging wife to perfection lately. His OT is coming to see us on Thursday so we'll see if he mentions work to her. It's a fine balance - I know to him it's like giving in, but he's so tired in the evenings he's not being fair to himself...or to us. We'd like him to have some energy in the evenings. Also, exhaustion can mean a short fuse - put that in the mix with two teenagers (one with red hair) and I think you can imagine the rest. One thing he must find refreshing is that the monkey's presence does not mean either of our teenagers treat Dad any differently during the - shall we say - sometimes heated exchanges. Roch and I, of course, never argue at all...well, that's not true, but the monkey has made a difference. We're much more 'mindful' of each other. I think he'd agree. On reflection, the reasons for that could probably bear closer scrutiny. Am I so careful with him because the monkey's on his back? Is he so careful with me because he doesn't want to upset his Carer (after all, I am a self-confessed control freak who will ultimately have complete control over his life - now there's a scary thought, for both of us). I might just raise the point with him...

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