In New York

In New York

Thursday, 25 March 2010

OK now I'm mad

I had planned to write some positive stuff today, but hey? Richmond Social Services intervened. You see, we've had some plans drawn up by an architect friend, for adapting the ground floor of the house. We really need to crack on with this. We're thinking get the works done over the summer - ok maybe it will seep into the Autumn - we can cope with that. Next step should be someone from SS taking a look at the plans, checking the measurements for wheelchair access, advising about the height of the new toilet in the wet room etc. We're not asking them to pay for it, we're not asking them to do it but guess what? Having contacted the OT, I am then told to contact the Access Team who tell me that once a 3rd Party Assessment is received from Roch's OT at Richmond Neuro Rehab, it will be sent to the local Duty Social Worker Team from the Access Team and if we're lucky it will take at least 8 weeks before someone looks at the plans.

I've always hated monkeys - hairy, scratchy creepy things (no offence to monkey lovers - it's a personal thing) so I think it's apt to refer to this disease as the monkey and hereafter will do so.

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