In New York

In New York

Friday, 26 March 2010

Its called a rollator...

Ok let's be positive. That was the intention yesterday. The good news is after a masterly email to our OT at Richmond SS (are ye a legal man yourself? that one's for R), one phone call and an email exchange, we are back on schedule with the Plans. SS have them, and their standard specs have been sent to Chris (our wonderful architect friend). Job well done. Apologies accepted, by the way.

The walking aid (or 'rollator' would you believe?) had a mixed reception. Disbelief from our Tom 'Oh no, you've got to be !!**!** joking' - now now Tom) followed by several turns about the room, sitting on the seat and propelling himself round, using his feet. 'It handles well', he remarked at last. Kate had to have a turn too. By the time Roch got home interest had faded. He stood for a moment at the entrance to the room and shook his head. 'It's not too bad.' He's thinking maybe he'll go for the wheelchair.

He's pleased with the handrails - he says they make an enormous difference. To be honest, the squashy sofa is more comfy raised up - but the toilet frame has more than a touch of the hospital about it. I had thought it - and this morning, he voiced it. The truth is no longer out there, it's in here with us and we've got to get used to it. But hey, we did agree that it makes reading the paper in the loo that much more comfortable (arm rests). He's a positive guy.

By the way, those nice guys yesterday? They were from Medequip - just for the record.


  1. Oh shit, so much going on at such a pace!! How the hell are you managing? Mary McCarthy said we are all the hero of our own story, but you are my hero Deirdre...what a star. I have been thinking about you a great deal, and I am really grateful to read your blog. I have been trying for days to post something on it but I am pretty bad at this, so I had to ask Maddy who was very quick to point out my incompetence......can I come and do your ironing after Easter?

  2. Offers of ironing services always gratefully received...thank you for your lovely comment - welcome to the world of the monkey and congratulations on becoming my first blog follower!