In New York

In New York

Wednesday, 20 July 2011

A funny old trip

Well, we made it to Dublin and we've been staying in my brother's house since Thursday night. We can't stay at my mother's anymore as it's not suitable for Roch. So a big thank you to Dermot and Emer, because being able to stay here means a lot. Roch feels safe here. It's like a home from home for him. There's even a Nespresso machine...

It really doesn't seem a week since we left London for Holyhead. We broke up the journey and stayed at a Travelodge hotel in Wales last Wednesday night. We had booked a disabled room and they did their best - shame he couldn't use the shower. To use it, you had to step into the bath. Well,that's completely out of the question for Roch. No amount of hand rails will help if a person can't lift their feet up. Happily the disabled cabin on Irish Ferries had a great wet room attached. Shame the cabin itself was so tiny with no turning room for the wheelchair...

The Ireland visit feels different this time round. Roch asked me the other day if I thought his condition had worsened since we came to Dublin. I don't think it has. But somehow being out of his 'comfort zone', has thrown the condition into relief. He seems worse here. The children have noticed and it's not easy for them. It's not like other holidays. Dad can't do things like before and they feel a bit lost.

There was a big family party on Saturday - all Roch's family gathered together to celebrate a 21st birthday and also to celebrate Roch being home again. I think they were shocked when they saw how difficult it is for him to walk now. There has been a change since Christmas, which is when some of them saw him last. But it was a great day, and I know Roch felt the warmth of the love and affection around him. He really felt valued. Many thanks to Paudie and his lovely wife Ger who went to such trouble making sure everything was in place for him, including ramps at the front and back doors.

But it's a funny old trip. Everything is so familiar - it's us who are different. It's hard to keep the sadness at bay. I think it's worse in Ireland. Why is that?

Today, he and his brothers and sisters have set off for Kilkenny, to see the Holy Man (Fr. Roch, Roch's uncle). It was something Roch was very keen to do. Fr. Roch has been very faithful since Roch's diagnosis. They left here a short while ago, two cars in convoy. I hope they have a good day. I know Roch's in good hands.

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  1. You are awesome and you are doing it. The whole family on a road trip, you go girl!

    Whew! Luckily the sadness is occurring in the beautiful Republic of Ireland, and not in some Antarctic research station or some Siberian slave labor camp.

    But, seriously, this seems like an important trip. There is never enough time for enough meaningful hugs. And homecooked Irish meals.

    Ciao Bella,
    L.A. Northern California