In New York

In New York

Saturday, 20 April 2013

A warning for Carers - don't try to do too much!


Doing 'nothing' is the new busy

There are so many things to do. My life is made up of scores of lists. Some days we get up late and by the time we are up and organised it's midday and I feel I have achieved so little (those lists in my head, reproaching me!). Today I said this to Roch. He said to me, "Doing 'nothing' is the new busy." I've been thinking about it.  I realise that my lists don't include all the essential tasks carried out as a Carer. Once I have helped Roch up, to the toilet, with his shower, dressed him, given him his meds, coffee, breakfast (if he feels like it) and he has everything he needs to hand - then the other tasks begin. By midday today all this was achieved (plus one wash on the line, another in the machine) and he was enjoying the sunshine. Not bad.
Sometimes we Carers need to forget about the lists and relax and give ourselves some credit for all the things we just do without thinking. Maybe we should all start to write lists entitled 'All the things I have done today.' But then, that would just be something else to do, wouldn't it? Maybe just put your feet up and feel smug instead.

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