In New York

In New York

Monday, 22 April 2013

Being normal

You may have noticed that I slyly mentioned a weekend away in my last post (Wheelchair woes). That weekend was made possible by Roch’s brothers. Paudie stayed with us for a few days before I went, which meant I could prepare everything and catch up at home before heading off, and Mairt came the day before I went away, and stayed for an extra day after my return.  My personal  thanks to Paudie for fixing my bike and getting the car washed!  And to Mairt – thanks for the little kindnesses like a cup of rooibos tea in bed (luxury!) and fixing a hot water bottle for me, as well as Roch.

 I spent the weekend in Bath with a good friend and had a lovely, lovely time. I knew that Roch would be well looked after in my absence and I think the brothers had a good time together.  I now know they are willing to help more often  – I said to Mairt that we had been trying to continue as normally as possible – i.e. not asking for help and going it alone, so to speak (maybe that was just me). He said, “Part of being normal is going away sometimes.” I realise that he is right – so thanks boys for the ‘dig out’ as Roch would say. Plans are going ahead for another break in July!! See you then...
My time away was paid for by the annual one off Carer’s break payment – which I applied for before the deadline (end of March) and happily was granted. Last year it was £350, this year it was £250 but very welcome, all the same.   
The sun goes down over The Royal Crescent, Bath 12/04/13

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