In New York

In New York

Sunday, 12 January 2014

Community Matron comes up trumps

I may have mentioned that over the past six months or so, it's become increasingly difficult for Roch to pee standing up. We mentioned this to our Occupational Therapist and she asked Medequip  to fit a grab rail on the wall beside the bio bidet in the wet room. It seems that communication isn't their strong point. The first guy arrived, had a look and told us that it would be impossible to fit a grab rail there because the old kitchen pipes were behind that wall. He shook his head sadly and headed off. A number of his colleagues followed - six in all - and one day we were treated to three visits in total. At first, each time I thought 'Great, they're sending someone else with new tools and he'll be able to do it.' Eventually I just gave up and asked them to stop coming as each guy said exactly the same thing! To be fair there was one point where my hopes rose again as one of them carried a big bag of tools in and took a look at the wall behind the bio bidet - but no, it appears that it's a 'stud' wall so not possible.
Meanwhile attempting to pee standing up at the toilet was, in my view just becoming too risky. Roch was determined to continue to try but leaning forward, knees against the toilet bowl and one hand flailing out in an attempt to grab the windowsill did not strike me as a good way forward.
Our Community Matron, Jo Lambert to the rescue!
Roch can still make his way slowly round downstairs with 'Old Roll-ee' and so Jo fashioned (no other word will do) a stylish holder for a pee bottle. This is now suspended from the grab rail in the sitting room. She even - wait for it - designed it with our colour scheme in mind! This is innovative thinking at its best. Roch can hold onto the grab rail with both hands either side of the bottle holder and is perfectly secure.
She really should patent it - I had wanted to post some photos of the new pissing device, but 'blogger' has let me down and after several attempts, I give up. Maybe next time.
Anyway,  I swear that woman has an answer for every problem and if she doesn't she'll sit and listen to you anyway with great patience and empathy. A valuable member of Team Roch. Thanks Jo!

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  1. Hi, I have been struggling for 2 years, because of loss of balance, to pee, standing, so I sit. We have a higher loo and a Bio-Bidet. We had to return to the UK from Spain, diagnosed there but no help, so bought a gf flat in a retirement unit in Reading near to our eldest daughter. I go to John Radcliffe, Oxford to see the neuro people.
    Bye, good luck

    Michael Westwell
    ps on Patients Like Me where I saw you.