In New York

In New York

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Just another Day

I had a really bad night last night while Roch slept like a baby downstairs! (Perhaps it's me keeping him awake?) At one point I woke from a nightmare where some old dude was stubbing his cigarette out on my neck. My friend and colleague LB wondered if it meant I was feeling overwhelmed and 'used'. Good theory. Not sure. Hope not. 
Anyway when my alarm went off at 6am I was in no mood for rising but work is work so off I went. There was no traffic so I got there by 7.15am for my 7.30am shift. The morning gradually got busier and my head got heavier. I greeted lunchbreak like a long lost friend but back at my desk at 2.00pm I was definitely lagging and my head was in protest again. But I made it through to the end of my shift, bade farewell to my lovely colleagues and stopped off in Tesco on my way home. I emerged from the store (clutching two Erdinger for you know who) and then spent ten minutes looking for the car. Not good to mislay the car. Eventually found it by chance (Really? Really? So did not remember parking it there...) and so back home to the welcoming smiles of the man himself and our Kate, tea and toast and nap time. I can now lie down in the knowledge that Kate can take care of Roch's needs in my absence.

She has recently been initiated into the mysteries of assisting her Dad to go to the toilet. This has not been easy for either of them I would guess but I am so proud of them both. She goes about the job with a practicality and tenderness that does her credit and he accepts her help with dignity and good humoured grace. 
Tom has been performing this personal task for some time now (and all credit to the lad) but since his departure for the heady delights of third level education, Roch has had to overcome the very natural reluctance of a father in accepting his daughter's help in the bathroom. It's another obstacle overcome and a personal challenge met, although one which I'm sure he would not have chosen to face. 

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