In New York

In New York

Wednesday, 12 November 2014

In which I travel alone to Boston, MA

Good Wives at 'Orchard House'

October was a good month for me. I travelled alone to Boston, MA to spend a week with my dear friend Carmel and her husband, Breandan. This was a carer’s break and a half, let me tell you. The best time of year to visit Massachusetts is the Fall and the beauty of the leaves did not disappoint. At the airport, I reflected on the trip to come: Sunday October 12 2014“So, the day is here and I am waiting for my Gate number to come up. I am on my way to Boston. I have to write that down to believe it’s true. I am alone and this is very different for me. I am feeling sad because I have left Roch behind and I wonder – will I regret spending this week away from him? The people who matter say it’s a good thing that I’m taking this break and for a long time I’ve thought about doing it. Going to see Carmel, exploring Boston. This is the best time of year to visit, they tell me. Not too cold and the leaves are beginning to turn. I am looking forward to lots of new, positive experiences but it’s also a glimpse of a future for me. A glimpse of what it might be like without Roch. I am thinking a lot of the old days and the young Roch. I feel so sorry for him and admire his bravery so much. His stoicism, his patience, how calm he is in the face of what awaits him.”

We talked about going together but he was adamant that I should go alone, that it wouldn’t be a break for me if he came along too. He was right and I will always be grateful that his big, generous heart urged me to go and I am proud of myself, too, because I did go and spent the most wonderful week there. Remember, my blog followers, in a very early blog post, I recorded the reactions of many on hearing the news of Roch’s diagnosis? Do you remember the person who simply told me “You’ve a hill to climb”? That was Carmel.

Carmel and Breandan – best of good company, best of friends – thank you.

Carmel – we’ll always have Concord and Orchard House – and the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum! BFF

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