In New York

In New York

Monday, 11 July 2016

Stick out Your Tush...

Some professionals just rub me up the wrong way. Today a member of our local district nursing team called in unexpectedly. We had never met her before. The loose arrangement is once a month to check the pressure areas. We have asked them to text or call in advance but there's never any notice.  He's usually on the toilet or in the shower. Today, for a change, he was in his chair.
She didn't introduce herself, she didn't smile, she rather testily asked "Who's the Carer?" As Amelia and I were both there, this clearly confused her.
I pointedly introduced us all by name and asked for her name (she seemed surprised to be asked). Business like I can understand and work with - but offhand bordering on rude is something else again.
I get that they're busy but something about the way it's just assumed Roch never goes anywhere and will be here to display his 'pressure sites' on demand - I was forcibly reminded of Blazing Saddles and that final scene "Stick out your la la la.."
Maybe she was just having a bad day. Well, she certainly didn't make mine any better.
Watching this again did though.


  1. Some people really shouldn't be in the caring profession!!

    I remember we had a visit from the woman who ran the care agency - she arrived early so I was still sorting Colin out but thought she can just wait. I'd lost count of the number of times I'd asked them to stick to appointment times.

    When I finally answered the door, she said 'I've been waiting so long I've dead-headed your hanging baskets' and plonked a pile of withered flowers in my hand!! She was lucky I didn't ram then down her throat...

    H xx

    1. Oh Helen I do love your comments! I think we show admirable self restraint in these situations...xx

  2. Good manners,such an underrated quality...

  3. You are such a brave woman Deirdre, I am bowled over by your writing. Can't imagine how you have managed this long......I wouldn't have made it. I wish you more strength and the knowledge that god's love will take you through. Loving you as ever xx