In New York

In New York

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A National Strategy for MND

We went to the MND Association local branch meeting this afternoon. This is the second meeting I've attended. The first was the Christmas meeting and it really didn't work for me, Father Christmas and mulled wine notwithstanding. It so didn't work for me that I just couldn't bring myself to go to the last meeting. However I thought I'd give it another go and today was better, perhaps it was because there was a focus. Someone was there from National Office to talk to us about the Campaign for a National Strategy for MND, and the new Regional Care Development Officer was there to introduce herself to the branch members present. There was a discussion afterwards and I surprised myself by getting involved. I was feeling quite bolshie and I think that might have come across a bit...but hey, make your mark, Deirdre!

Hearing more about the National Strategy Campaign was interesting, especially for Roch and me. In February, Roch was invited by the MND association to give evidence before an All Party Committee of the House of Commons, whose brief was to prepare a Report on a National Strategy and later, in March, we were invited to the publication of their Report. At the moment, there is a huge discrepancy across the country in the quality of care and services for people with MND. It really does depend on where you live and that is just wrong. If anyone reading this wants to read more about it or sign the petition, you can go to

and do just that!

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