In New York

In New York

Saturday, 24 September 2011

Catch up

I had a meeting with my boss the other day. It was my first 'One to One' since starting in my new role. Before we discussed work as such, she asked me how the work/home balance was going and how I felt it was all working out. She asked me how Roch was. I mentioned that he had had problems driving that morning, but had just about managed. His left arm, so feeble. I told her that I had been finding it quite difficult to get the balance right but that the flexible hours helped immensely, given the recent lessening in strength in Roch's upper arms. It means he needs help with so much more. I think it was a successful meeting - we went on to talk about work and set objectives for the next five months. I felt good about the meeting as it drew to a close and as I left her office, she remarked on how 'chirpy' I was. I've been thinking about that. I suppose I was chirpy. I wonder if she felt that it was odd to be chirpy when your husband is living with mnd, when he is probably losing the ability to drive, struggling to lift the fork to his mouth, contemplating his final resting place. Is it freakish of me? Is this normal behaviour? I don't go round with a long face all the time. I mentioned this to my counsellor and I felt reassured by her response. I am a chirpy person - that's who I am and it's good that I can still feel that way, still be myself. It doesn't mean I'm not facing the truth about the situation and it doesn't mean I'm not sad about it.

He's very tired at the moment and has to rest a lot. We think it might be the lithium dosage which has been increased to three tablets a day. We think, we don't know. Something, (perhaps the lithium) is also affecting his digestion and this is something which has a real impact on his confidence in terms of going out. Perhaps it will settle down but it's another factor to be taken into account when planning any outing.

We're still waiting for the Council to post their notice about our 'disabled' parking space in front of the house. The notice (inviting objections - like a planning notice) stays up for three weeks before they even think about actually painting the lines. So we're still at least three weeks away. I'm hoping people won't park in the space then. It's a struggle for him now to walk even the length of two or three houses away all the way to our front door.

The nice Medequip men came and measured the bed. They are making bespoke raisers and fixing the bed to the floor to make it easier for him to get in and out and to stand up from a sitting position. Speaking of which, the leather easy chair will soon be extant from his point of view. Enter the 'riser' chair - that will be the next step.

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  1. Chirpy is good -I`m sure Roch wouldn`t want you to be any other way- bet he will love his recliner when it arrives ! take care x