In New York

In New York

Monday, 26 September 2011

'Let's stay positive'

Lots of people give you advice when you're an MND wife and it's very well meant. There's one particular phrase that comes up a lot, and it's beginning to jar. Consultants use it constantly.

Let's stay positive (or 'Advice to the MND Wife')

Best foot forward,
stiff upper lip,
let's be positive,
musn't give up.
Don't let the side down,
be of good cheer,
each day is precious,
remember that, dear.
Live in the present,
forget about the past.
Don't worry for the future,
it may not come to pass.
Is he still working?
Can he still drive?
Oh dear so sorry.
Still, let's stay positive.
Don't speak of sad things,
don't talk to me of loss,
just smile and say,
'We're doing fine.'
No matter what the cost.
Then I can go upon my way,
and leave your life behind,
and thank my lucky, lucky stars
it's not got me, or mine.


1 comment:

  1. I read all your posts. I learn a lot. I chuckle. That it eventually gets down to the carers, I believe it. That poem seemed to flow out of you like it was meant to, and its all real. Good one.

    Best to you,