In New York

In New York

Friday, 23 April 2010

Facebook saddo

Well, we have our new windows and you know what? They are gorgeous. There is no 'making good' to be done. Everything is perfect. It's like having a new house! I am exhausted however. As members of my family will tell you, I just can't stop 'putting things to rights' (it's that being in control thing again). It drives everyone mad and I end up like a wet rag. I did have help today, though. Another good thing in my life at the moment - someone who comes every fortnight and helps in the house. Just helps me to keep on top of things. I am thankful for all the little things.

Tom has persuaded me to join Facebook, so I'm there now (just don't write on my wall, mum) - no photo just a faceless silhouette - I am still the family saddo, having the grand total of 11 friends.

Had a conversation with someone yesterday who I must say with the best of intentions (I really don't know this person at all) was advising me about the planned works to the house but I was getting fed up listening to it. "It'll be a mess, love, everything'll be filthy, you'll need (list follows of the never ending list of jobs to be done..." then "You'll need all the light switches changing." I think, 'What?' he nods knowingly, a little sadly. "Wheelchair.." he murmurs. O for God's sake. Now I'm really narked. So I decide to put an end to it. "Well, he won't be able to move his arms, will he? So that's one job we won't need to do." That shut him up.

Next week we're having a site meeting with the architect and the occupational therapist. So that's the next step. Oh and we did that test drive. So it looks like we'll be getting our motability car - well, Roch will. Looks good. The test drive was with the Salesman (a Millwall fan - good sales pitch. Fear of a good hiding if you don't buy...) and a French student who sat with me in the back and tried his own sales pitch once or twice but due to limited English failed miserably. We were sold on it anyway which was just as well...

Planned visits: Mairt and Lorcan coming over tomorrow. Hope they won't be disappointed with the Arsenal at the Emirates (Don't mention Wigan) and - Maura arrives on Monday! Dear Maurie.

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