In New York

In New York

Monday, 26 April 2010

Link to Facebook

Well, I've linked my blog to my new facebook page so now it's public. That's a bit scary...but I'm feeling reckless.
Two days of 10 hour shifts behind me. I was looking forward to today so much! Last night Roch picked me up after work and we went for a Chinese meal to our favourite Chinese restaurant. There I was, bleary eyed, mascara under each eye, head buzzing, looking, as I well know, like crap...but the lure of won ton soup proved too much. Also, I don't have the luxury these days of thinking, "not this time, too tired, maybe another time.." How many other times will there be? Lots, hopefully, but time is passing. It's almost a year now since the monkey entered our lives. Inch by inch it crawls forward on its dirty little know I can see it in my mind and in a fantasy very dear to me, I beat it to death with a club...

Roch is preoccupied by thoughts of retirement. It's such a conundrum. If he retires soon, will he have many years left (it's money, too) at home, trying to fill the days? Or is he 'wasting' time now, tiring himself out when he may not have many years left? He does need the social aspect of working. It's lonely being at home sometimes - and I'm not counting the company of the monkey.
I think this is very much on his mind at the moment.

We're looking forward to the arrival of the Citroen Bejingo. That will set the neighbours talking! First the windows, then the new motor. The new motor, of course, will be paid for by the DLA money, but they don't know that. Don't get me wrong, lovely neighbours.

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