In New York

In New York

Sunday, 11 April 2010

Roll on, the Rollator!

Well, that last post was pretty heavy. It depresses me to read over it, so I won't! I remind myself that this is a record of how things are going, day by day, and it wouldn't be an honest record if I simply skipped the tough bits and it wouldn't give you a true picture of life with the monkey now, would it?

Thank Goodness for some Spring weather. Yesterday, it was a glorious day and we went out for lunch. Roch wanted to go back to a little Italian restaurant in Twickenham, where we went first on 16th June last. Is that date significant, you may ask yourself? Well, yes because that was the DAY OF THE DIAGNOSIS. I remember we sat there, stunned, eyes filling now and then and looked at each other over the food in a kind of disbelief. I suppose we were in a state of shock...but the omelettes were delicious and we've been back since. A kind of patina of sadness surrounds our lunch experiences there but we keep going back. I look at our fellow diners and in a funny way I can't help feeling somehow more privileged than them (strange but true). We know that time is limited and I think that gives the edge to every experience, even omelettes for lunch.

I hadn't accompanied Roch and the Rollator yet, although he has used it a couple of times, walking down to the High Street with our neighbour, Christian. Anyway, in the afternoon I suggested that we bring it out for a spin. I felt a little nervous about it - I mean it does scream disability, really and the last thing you want is to draw attention to the situation in public. No-one wants to look or feel different and I think it does make him feel vulnerable. I think he was worried that I'd be embarrassed. But I wasn't, not at all. I do find myself feeling a bit defensive. But in general people don't seem that interested. You get some curious glances but hey it has to be done. Anything that makes it easier for him, that means he can walk farther for longer, well, if he's up for it, then I am too. It was noticeable how much faster he can walk - with the stick, he's much slower. In all honesty, it was quite fun (well, for me, anyway). Beautiful day, gorgeous sunshine, all those magnificent Magnolia trees in bloom along the way. As far as I'm concerned the professionals are right. Anything that helps us to enjoy life together, for as long as possible, is a Good Thing. Roll on, the Rollator is what I say.

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